Durango Friends Meeting (Quaker)

An Unprogrammed Quaker Congregation Serving Southwestern Colorado, Northwestern New Mexico and Northeastern Arizona

Durango Quakers is an Open and Affirming Community

DFM support diversityDurango Friends Meeting is an Open and Affirming community. We welcome people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions into the full life of our community including ministry and leadership.

Further, we seek to honor a wide spectrum of diversity and difference in the lives and experiences of those who gather in our community. We find that encounters with otherness in the context of our caring community contribute positively to both individual spiritual growth and social transformation.

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Participating in Democracy

Participating in DemocracyPeace & Social Concerns

Participating in Democracy

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DFM Archives

DFM ArchivesAccess to DFM's Google Drive archive is by invitation only.  Friends and attenders of Durango Friends Meeting may request access by emailing dfminquiry@gmail.com

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Quaker Resources on the Web

Quakers on the WebInformation here includes links to Pendle Hill Pamphlets, Quaker Retreat and Education Centers, Other Quaker organization.

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Videos for Newcomers from Quaker Speak

Short videos regarding Quaker beliefs and practicesWatch and listen as Quakers describe the experience of worshiping in silence.


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